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The links we forge together

Our partners all come from different backgrounds and are located in the heart of our valley or the Valais.

They cover a wide variety of fields, but all complement each other. We work hand in hand, summer and winter, with the sports stores established several generations ago in Zinal and Grimentz, as well as the various mountain restaurants, local stores, printers for our various communications, and, of course, the ski lifts and Sierre Anniviers Tourisme.

For many years, we have relied on Fiduciaire Emery, in Sierre, for all our accounting processes and for their invaluable advice. And we can count on our financial partner, Banque Raiffeisen Sierre et Régions, who have been sponsoring bibs for all schools in the Val d'Anniviers for many years.

On another front, our partner and friend Pierre-Paul Genevrard, also a former director of the ESS in Torgon and founder of the Goldtest company. An innovative company that produces all our teaching aids and makes our red and seasonal outfits for skiing and now also for teaching biking, and whose equipment remains indispensable for all our instructors.

We work closely with all the emblematic sports stores in Grimentz-Zinal, whose founders have all, or almost all, donned the red jacket once or for several seasons...
Do Sports, Epiney Sport and Val Sport on the Grimentz side, and Zinal Sport and Olympia Sports on the Zinal side.

We commission the papeterie Schwery, located in St-Léonard, for all supplies for our two offices. Since 2000, we have entrusted the printing of our seasonal brochures to the historic Aebidruck printing industry in La Souste, which offers high-quality offset printing, and the printing of our various advertising media to our partner CinaDesign in Salquenen.

We are members of several regional and Swiss institutions

Our credo: cooperation for Swiss label development.

Our two schools have been part of the  Swiss Swnowsports umbrella association since their respective openings, and represent the identity of each village. The Grimentz side of the valley has also been part of the  Swiss Snowboard School association since 1989.

To reinforce our identity and authenticity, we have also created the Association des École Suisse du Val d'Anniviers, which brings together all the Swiss ski schools, namely ESS Chandolin, ESS Grimentz/Zinal, ESS St-Luc and ESS Vercorin, to offer you equal, high-quality services and a common voice for better communication.

Through this entity, AESS d'Anniviers, we are actively involved in sponsoring local events, both logistically and financially. We are proud to have taken part in the Fête Cantonale des Guides du Valais, the Fête Nationale des Combats de Reines in Aproz and, more particularly, the Anniviers section. More recently, in partnership with the Association Anniviarde Toit pour toi, we contributed to the financing of solar panels on the new roof of the Vissoie ice rink, and sponsorship of the new FC Anniviers soccer pitch.

Active member of the Association Romande des écoles suisses de ski Valaisanne (AVRESS) and member of the Association Valaisanne des écoles suisses de ski (AVESS). Two pillars that contribute to the development of skiing in our regions and promote a uniform welcome across all destinations. All these associations offer training courses for future Swiss patentees, and coordinate training at Valais level with the Commission Cantonale des Professeurs de Ski et des Guides de Montagnes through the montagne-pro platform, which brings together mountain professions.

Since their creation, we have also had close links with the Ski Team Anniviers, the two Grimentz Ski Clubs and the Zinal Ski Club.

Together with the Verbier, Crans-Montana and Nendaz Swiss ski schools, our school is a founding member of the swissskischool online sales platform developed by Webevolutions, which you use to book your various lessons. Our online booking platform received the 2019 Innovation Award from Swiss Snowsports.

And for the record, this platform is based on the initial development of Booking Corner, an online software package that has been in operation within our structure since 2001, thanks to the impetus of our former Director Pierre-Marie Epiney and his collaboration with our historical service provider M-Soft, thanks to which all information linked to your bookings is compiled and linked to the monitors' online schedule. And it's also thanks to Eric Morard that online booking was introduced on our website to simplify all exchanges.

At the heart of our approach, we align ourselves with values
that resonate deeply with the beauty
and authenticity of the Val d'Anniviers.

As a Swiss Ski School, our primary commitment
is to collaborate with all the local players in our valley.

We are proud to cultivate close relationships with
the Grimentz-Zinal ski lifts,
and to collaborate with Anniviers Tourisme and Sierre Anniviers Marketing.

It is from this partnership that the slogan

Au Val d'Anniviers ....

All these partnerships strengthen our community fabric
and enrich our shared experience.

Creating job opportunities
for people who love Val d'Anniviers
is one of our core values.

Throughout the winter, by giving priority to hiring staff who are passionate about skiing and snowboarding,
we actively contribute to the economic vitality of the valley.

We also aim to maintain our collaboration
on as local a scale as possible.

As the need arises, we extend our collaboration with the region,
to support Anniviard businesses and institutions,
then Valais, then Switzerland.

Proximity to our local business partners
such as hoteliers, restaurateurs, valley sports stores and schools
is a cornerstone of our development.


Notre partenaire principal au village de Zinal 

Notre partenaire principal au village de Grimentz


To Etat du Valais, with its Digitourism program, which gave us a great deal of support throughout the process of redesigning this site and sponsored the creation of this new site.

Our main partners

Our common objective with the RMGZ, Anniviers Marketing and Anniviers Tourisme is to collaborate and complement each other's respective skills, in order to make your experience unique while preserving all the authenticity of our Valley.

Our sponsors

At the heart of our approach, we align ourselves with values that resonate deeply with the beauty and authenticity of the Val d'Anniviers.

As the Swiss Ski School, we are keen to collaborate with all the local players in our Valley. For years, we have been supporting the local fabric for small and large events.

Our philosophy

Ess de Grimentz-Zinal is rooted in the authenticity of our region and keeps in its heart the desire to preserve a balance between man and nature and nature.

Giving meaning, taking senses into account and allowing us to move in the right direction by forging healthy and lasting relationships are the principles we hold dear.

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