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Links we can forge together

Our partners all come from different backgrounds and are mainly located in the heart of our valley or Valais.

They cover a wide range of fields, but all complement each other, so if you want to be part of this big family, please let us know if you represent an organization, institution or company and would like to support our school.

An individual, a company, an institution or an organisation can become a sponsor of the ESS Grimentz-Zinal either by making a donation or by providing skills or materials directly related to the activities we offer.

So if you have a particular sponsorship proposal, please contact us immediately, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Our Offer

The logo of your company or organisation will be displayed on our site and depending on the type of partnership, your logo may also appear on various advertising materials and even be visible throughout the winter on the jacket of each of our instructors.

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You support us, ...

and we are also keen to support projects, unique, ambitious, sometimes dreams, which for some people become a reality and, over the years, acquire a lot of notoriety.

As well as small and large projects, all of which have as their common point the desire to make our valley come alive with many colours and to make you live experiences.

In short and basketball mode

La course Sierre-Zinal

Le Grand-Raid Verbier-Grimentz

Le FestiVal d'Anniviers

Le 2PPFM (le 2ème plus petit festival du monde depuis de ses débuts).

Les combats de Reines

In thermal tights and socks mode

L’association des écoles suisses de ski du Valais 

Les écoles suisses de ski du Val d’Anniviers

Le tournoi de curling de Grimentz

Le ski-club de Zinal

Le ski-club de Grimentz

Le Team Anniviers

Les Féeries de Grimentz

Le chemin des lanternes Zinal

Les 4000 de Zinal

le Télémark Club de Grimentz-St-Jean


Notre partenaire principal au village de Zinal 

Notre partenaire principal au village de Grimentz


To Etat du Valais, with its Digitourism program, which gave us a great deal of support throughout the process of redesigning this site and sponsored the creation of this new site.

Our main partners

Our common objective with the RMGZ, Anniviers Marketing and Anniviers Tourisme is to collaborate and complement each other's respective skills, in order to make your experience unique while preserving all the authenticity of our Valley.


At the heart of our approach are values that resonate deeply with the beauty and authenticity of the Val d'Anniviers.

As a Swiss Ski School, we are committed to working with all the local players in our valley.

Our philosophy

Ess de Grimentz-Zinal is rooted in the authenticity of our region and keeps in its heart the desire to preserve a balance between man and nature and nature.

Giving meaning, taking senses into account and allowing us to move in the right direction by forging healthy and lasting relationships are the principles we hold dear.

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Nos partenaires locaux