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Your turn for medium-difficulty trails, with obstacles and slaloms.

What's in store for you?

The "Ibex" level is the third level of the Kids Bike League.
Like an ibex, king of the mountain, you improve your skills on medium-difficulty trails and take your technical skills to the next level. You'll learn to master medium-gradient sections, practice jumps and drops, and work on your balance.

Then you can take part in all the family rides on your bike.

Who's it for?
Children aged 8 to 12.

You have the technical skills to master easy trails and already have some obstacle-clearing experience.





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The Kids Bike League is divided into three progressive basic levels: Marmotte, Chamois and Bouquetin.
At each level, children learn to use their bikes according to their age and ability.


The Kids Bike League takes place during school vacations from July to August.

Weekends on request

1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
and 2.45pm to 4.15pm*

*Available only when the first session is full.

Meeting point
At the top of the Bendolla gondola in Grimentz, in front of the Kids Bike League signs.

1 day - CHF 30
4-day package - CHF 120

Bike, helmet and clothing depending on the weather.

Courses take place in all weathers.


Bendolla lies at an altitude of 2133 m.

We encourage you to make a success of this first experience
by preparing your children so that they can adapt to outdoor conditions and make the most of their mountain experience.

Sportswear suited to outdoor conditions,as well as adequate sun protection, will enable your child to evolve
in the best possible conditions.

And a pair of gloves can make learning
to ride a bike even more enjoyable.

Skills you will learn and improve

✓ Negotiating turns (turning handlebars and leaning)
✓ Negotiating banked turns
✓ Lifting the front wheel over an obstacle
✓ Lift rear wheel
✓ Master medium-slope passages
✓ Jumping (drops)
✓ Practice medium-difficulty trails

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Kids bike League - Beginner

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  • Level: Beginner
  • Age: 3-4 y.old

Discover biking for toddlers

Whether you're on your own bike without pedals or already on a mountain bike, this level is made for toddlers. Here you'll learn to master small obstacles, pass over small roots, and even climb wooden footbridges. On the flat, you're sure to have fun and control your bike.

Kids bike League - Intermediate

  • Rate: CHF 30.00 / day
  • Level: Intermediate on bike
  • Age: 5 to 7 y.o.

Discover new experiences and have fun at the same time!

You've already tried your hand at different terrains, you've mastered the groundhog level and you want to go even further? Then you've come to the right place! On the chamois level, you'll learn to negotiate even bigger obstacles, roots and bridges, while keeping your bike under control. But the most important thing is to have fun!

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