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The Swiss Ski School in Grimentz-Zinal has its origins in two historical milestones.

The Swiss Ski School of Grimentz was founded in 1959 and the Swiss Ski School of Zinal was founded in 1967.

These two schools have helped generations of future skiers and we are always happy to hear you tell us about your childhood memories when you stop by one of our offices.

During the 2013-2014 season, these two independent entities merged to create a unique and dynamic school, synchronising their development with the daring Grimentz-Zinal ski lifts project, which built a cable car linking our two ski areas, culminating in the Weisshorn area in 2023.

L'ess Grimentz-Zinal

Ski & Bike

Since 2020, the Ess de Grimentz-Zinal has opened up its world to two-wheelers and offers you an ever-increasing range during the summer season, thanks in particular to partnerships with all the local actors and actresses.

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Our main partners

Our common objective with the RMGZ, Anniviers Marketing and Anniviers Tourisme is to collaborate and complement each other's respective skills, in order to make your experience unique while preserving all the authenticity of our Valley.


At the heart of our approach are values that resonate deeply with the beauty and authenticity of the Val d'Anniviers.

As a Swiss Ski School, we are committed to working with all the local players in our valley.

Our sponsors

At the heart of our approach, we align ourselves with values that resonate deeply with the beauty and authenticity of the Val d'Anniviers.

As the Swiss Ski School, we are keen to collaborate with all the local players in our Valley. For years, we have been supporting the local fabric for small and large events.

Our philosophy

Ess de Grimentz-Zinal is rooted in the authenticity of our region and keeps in its heart the desire to preserve a balance between man and nature and nature.

Giving meaning, taking senses into account and allowing us to move in the right direction by forging healthy and lasting relationships are the principles we hold dear.